Lets make the Switch to LED Lighting

Lighting accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s carbon emissions and a similar amount of your monthly power costs. Switching to LED is a necessary step to protecting our world whilst reducing your operating costs.

The simplest solution

Lighting typically accounts for around 20-25% of a building’s energy usage dependent on building application.


A tenant or building owner can dramatically reduce their power consumption with minimal disruption to daily operation through the uptake of innovate Retrofit+ LED solutions. 


With Veracity,  the process is as simple as changing a lightbulb.

Our high tech lighting solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing lighting system – and with inbuilt smart sensors systems they produce increased lighting efficiency as compared to your current incandescent light sources but use up to 85% less energy.


These effiiciency  gains plays a key role in achieving both Section J and Nabers Compliance.


They also require approximately 90% less maintenance over their lifespans, which are 5-10 times that of traditional luminaires and recessed light fittings..

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